Employees repairing car

About us

Exclusive Automotive is a family owned business, founded by Pierre Deshotels Sr in 2006. Pierre Sr has been in the industry since 1985. He got his start in the automotive field by fixing his mom’s car at the age of 9. He then began fixing friends’ and families’ cars at the age of 13. Naturally, he ended up at a Toyota Dealership at the age of 17. After spending 4 years at the Toyota dealer learning the fundamentals of what it takes to be an Automotive Technician, he decided it was time for him to create his own legacy.

Exclusive Automotive continued to grow through the years by operating with integrity, providing excellent customer service, and quality repairs.

We take pride in helping our customers come up with a game plan for their vehicles. We help our customers prioritize their necessary repairs. Instead of one long list of expensive repairs, we recommend one or two repairs at a time and work with our customer’s budget to take care of what their vehicle really needs first. Then come up with a timeframe for any recommended maintenance.